Moments forts de 2022
Zippsafe AG

Highlights 2022

Zippsafe has grown once again. Zippsafe has invested and innovated. Zippsafe has been on the road a lot. After a promising previous year, 2022 was all about building on our successes and taking the company to the next level.



A lot has happened. Let’s start with the most important, our customers. We have collected new ones and expanded existing ones. We are especially pleased that the majority of our customers now come from the surrounding countries. In Germany in particular, we now have countless ZippSpace systems, so you are bound to find us somewhere within a radius of 100 kilometers. With the Emmendingen District Hospital, the SRH Central Hospital in Suhl, the Ammerland Clinic, the Evangelical Elisabeth Clinic in Berlin and the University Hospitals of the Saarland and Freiburg, we again carried out a number of larger installations last year.

In addition to the classic hospitals for Zippsafe, we were also able to serve companies from other industries in 2022. The Dr. Kurt Wolff Group, the department store Coop City or the food producer Hilcona are just a few. But enough with the references, let us give you a few figures. After all, Zippsafe now has over 150 customers, 45 of which were added last year. Our production in Budapest was running at full speed. 509 systems were produced and put into operation within 62 installations. 7’090 people will thus receive a new ZippSpace unit in 2022. The plants thereby save an incredible 2’836 square meters.

At the end of the year, our team numbered 53 employees, a full 40 % more than at the beginning of the year. This growth is largely due to our ambitious expansion strategy. Not only are we working on a new product generation and further variants of our smart clothing storage solution, but we have also positioned ourselves more internationally in 2022. With new account managers in the Netherlands and Belgium, we have laid the foundation for the effective handling of the BENELUX countries. We were even able to sign up the first employee in the USA.

As you can easily see, we have taken a number of journeys in 2022. In the following year Zippsafe wants to revolutionize the locker market globally.


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